‘Why Are All These Cute Men Here?’

The Real Reason We Became Involved With Meals On Wheels

Adrienne and Walt Jennings became passionate about Meals On Wheels after they experienced firsthand the value of the Home-Delivered Meals program and the difference it makes in the lives of clients served. Adrienne likes to share how she and Walt got involved.

“One day in 2004, my 83-year-old grandmother, ‘Bammie,’ started a fire in her kitchen,” Adrienne recalled. “I just happened to be driving by and saw the Fort Worth Fire Department in front of her house. I rushed in to see what was the matter and was told that she had started cooking lunch and left the stove unattended so she could watch her ‘stories.’ Bammie was sitting on the couch watching TV while the firemen put out the fire. When she saw me, she asked, ‘Why are all these cute men here?’ That’s when I knew it was time to call Meals On Wheels.”

The Jenningses not only called Meals On Wheels for services, they decided to get involved and started delivering meals themselves. They soon learned of a program at Van Zandt Guinn Elementary School that taught community service to underprivileged children by having them deliver meals for Meals On Wheels. “Most of those kids had been on the receiving end of charitable programs their entire lives,” Walt said, “so we wanted to help show them that they could give back in a way that would help improve the lives of others.” The Jenningses approached the school’s principal and volunteered to provide transportation so the kids could deliver meals to those in need.

The program was a big success and the kids loved interacting with the Meals On Wheels clients. “You have to teach children about community service,” Walt said, “and hopefully they will pass it forward in the future. Adrienne and I were involved with that program from 2004 through 2012, when we helped start a new program at Como Montessori School. Both programs are still going strong today. We always say that it is a win-win-win situation. The clients love the children, the kids are introduced to community service, and Adrienne and I get to experience the joy it brings to everyone involved.”

Most people would stop there, but Walt and Adrienne had more to give. Walt began serving on our Endowment Board, which was formed to ensure the long-term success of our Home-Delivered Meals program. He introduced the Fund-a-Meal Forever idea. A one-time gift of $24,000 will establish a named Fund-a-Meal Forever Fund that will provide meals for one client forever! It is a great way for individuals to recognize or honor a loved one and for organizations to demonstrate community stewardship. To learn more, contact Darla Akin at 817-258-6404 or via email at darla@mealsonwheels.org.

“We just love the mission of Meals On Wheels,” Adrienne concluded, “but we just want to encourage others to find something they’re passionate about and get involved. It’s really that easy, and working together, we can make our community a great place to live.”