Creating a Legacy

Joan Howard and Carla Jutson

Joan Howard, right, is pictured with Carla Jutson, president and CEO.

Including Meals On Wheels, Inc. of Tarrant County in her will was an easy decision for Joan Howard, who celebrates her 26th year as a meal-delivery volunteer this year. Joan’s husband, Tommy, was the first in the family to start volunteering for Meals On Wheels in 1986, and Joan followed him in 1991.

In addition to logging almost 50 combined years of volunteer service, Joan and Tommy have financially supported the agency. When Tommy passed away in 2008, Joan knew she wanted to include Meals On Wheels in her will, so she met with her attorney to do just that. After discussing several options, Joan decided that the endowment fund would best suit her desires because it would provide home-delivered meals forever.

Delivering meals to their homebound neighbors was a passion Joan and Tommy shared and including Meals On Wheels in her will allows the Howard family legacy to continue.

Join the Movement

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